Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shuffle Music Survey

1.) Put your music player on shuffle
2.) Press forward for each question.
3.) Use the song title as the answer
to the question.

1.) How am I feeling today?
Maybe (By Up Dharma Down)

2.) How will I feel getting married?
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (by the Beatles)... Awww...Actually, the version on my iPod is Spanish.

3.) What is my best friend's theme
Broken Mirrors and Sleeping Turtles (By Up Dharma Down)... Haha! I wonder why?!

4.) Highschool is?
The Boogie that Be (By Black Eyed Peas)

5.) I am...
Fast Cars (by Tracy Chapman)... Fast nga ba talaga?!

6.) How is today?
Never Let you Go (by Third Eye Blind. Hahahaha! Pede! Pede!)

7.) What is in store for this week?
Somebody Kill Me Please (from the soundtrack of The Wedding singer. So it's a bad week then?! Haha!)

8.) What song best describes my parents?
Speed of Sound (by Coldplay)

9.) How is my life going?
Absolute Reality (by The Alarm)

10.) What song will they play at my funeral?
Tao (by Sugarfree)... So I guess naging rockista ako

11.) Is this going to be a good year?
Mission Impossible Theme (Hahahhaha! Ganun?!)

12.) What's your love life like?
Exploration of Space (by Ministry of Sound)... Techno music pa. Lang lyrics!

13.) What's your favorite?
This is the last time (by Keane) ... Owws?

14.) Best bored activity?
Sexy Ladies/Let me talk to you (By Justin Timberlake)..

15.) Favorite quote?
Fallen (live) (By Sarah McLachlan)

16.) Song played in your wedding?
Fo'-Hop (Por Tras De Bras De Pina) (By Sergio Mendes featuring Guinga & Marcelo D2)... Haha! Mejo carribean sounding! Haha! Happy event ito!

17.) What is your boyfriend/girlfriend's theme song?
I Hate everything about you (by Three Days Grace )... Hahahahahahaah! Champion! Di naman!

18.) The song that best described your childhood days...
Walking on the Moon (by the Police) Ye... it seemed rather slow.

19. The song that keeps playing in your mind...
Feeling Good (by Michael Buble)... Who doesn't want to feel good anyway?

20. The song that will make me happy.
One Temptation (By Mica Paris) ... Hehehe! I don't even know this song well.


Pucha... My boredom is becoming more apparent each day. See how updated my blog is?! AND! Pumapatol na ako sa mga surveys! Haha! Imacheen!

Random thoughts for the day...

Cupcakes = Happy Thoughts... Deng cupcakes by Sonja. Yummy! I had a carrot cake cupcake (that sounded redundant!) yesterday and a lemon cupcake today. I'm probably kinda relaxed and happy because of all the sugar. Papa liked the cupcakes (he finished two the other night!).

Something Missing... I was talking to Karina today before lunch. We had common sentiments about things becoming a little routinary. A craving for something more. I rationaled, "Gutom lang siguro to." True enough, a Jamaican pattie and an iced tall white chocolate drink later, I was feeling better. Haha. Nga naman... Common Tenten fact. Di pedeng magutom!

Love for movies and music... I just love chatting up a storm about music and movies. I'm happy to have found music and movie afficionados in my friends. Pesem loves movies, and Nelson and Angelo love music.

Love for blogging... Sipag ni Schments lately. The Tanquilut Family Blog is super updated. Today, Tito Mar, Edward, and Ate Gret, left several messages on the Chat Box. I'm pretty happy that a simple blog keeps everyone close!

Speaking of good deeds... I've been thinking about my good deeds list for the year. Donate blood? Visit an orphanage? Arrange a wedding/party for free? Haha.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Mark OrdoƱez said...

What is your lovelife like? Exploration of Space... Love it!


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